Painting In Cold Wax

Date(s) - 06/19/21
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Instructor: Ruth Ann Mitchell

Fee: $60.00


Artists Bring:  Oil paints,  palette knives, palette paper

Instructor will provide:  cold wax medium, oil painting paper, boards to work on, scrapers, additional tools


Cold Wax?

What’s that and why would I use wax?

No, it is not encaustic! Cold wax uses oil paints plus a beeswax mixture but no heat and is finished with a matte or satin surface.  It’s FUN! You can build surfaces then go on a treasure hunt and find what is hidden beneath.  Come join me to learn about and try cold wax. We will use some old and new tools and will work on paper as well as hard board to begin your exploration.   Hope to see you and share this cool medium.

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