Barb Swysgood, Assemblage and Mosaic

Like many assemblage artists, I began as a lover of found objects and collector of all things interesting.  For me it was a natural leap to making art out of the things I found interesting enough to collect.

What keeps me working and exploring these varied mediums, assemblage, mosaic, and collage is the diversity that each project can possess. Every unique piece has multiple layers of concepts, materials, and processes.

I think of my assemblages as unfinished stories.  Snap shots of a moment in time.  The arrangements invite the viewer to check in and speculate about the rest of the story.  Random bits of everyday life are relatable, but re-imagined. They challenge the viewer to thoughtfully see them in a new way as part of the whole.

Combining mosaic work with assemblage also seems like a natural leap. Using assembled structures to introduce collections of “things” into the mix of glass and grout allows a different sort of picture to be created. It can present a story with much more depth and dimension.


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